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The WATERCOLOR: beautiful realistic – abstract fascinating

The watercolor – is the implementation of a subject's personal perspective in their own visual language. Prerequisite for a good picture is both drawing skills, such as the recognition of perspective and depth as well as color with feeling, Inspiration, Bring water and brush on paper. Mit Courage und des Öfteren durch glückliche Zufälle kann es auch für Anfänger zum erstaunlichen Erfolgsergebnissen kommen.
In this seminar, various techniques (Stain, Nass in Nass, Granules) and also brought closer to the lightness of this painting. Is according to the weather in the Freesketched n.

Times – und Zeichen Kurse ( nur mehr für Urlaubsgäste ) – finden im Seminarraum und im Garten der Ferienwohnung Galerie 7 instead – or….

…we are on location scouting in our beautiful surroundings….

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Our cat Sammy as a silent observer in the shade of the vines in the watercolor seminar


Aqua 30.4. 001.jpgIMG_0641.jpgIMG_0633.jpg

My youngest seminar participants – Only Cameron – 7 Years – Opa know – Painter and percussionist



Street painting with children


Below : Last Maltag from the Spring Seminar 2009 – Aquarell in der Natur – on the Brandenburg in Villach – Vassach

Vielen Dank an Gastgeberin Claudia.


Our Malobjekt – the Brandenburg they can reserve for parties and enjoy the idyll.




Sonny- Ria – Sabine – Margit – Karin – from the sketch to the watercolor.


Biete für Interessierte am Zeichnen – Watercolor or act well as individual courses . Termine nach Vereinbarung.

Gallery 7 , Aquarellmalerei 1.7.2008 012.jpgIMG_0921.JPGAktzeichnen A Radl 013.jpg

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